Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for guiding me through the GRM. The information I received in the book and through the homework sessions was extremely valuable. Upon completion of the process I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders - it gave me insight into all the things I was carrying from my past and how other areas of my life were affected by it. I now have the tools to resolve all of my incomplete relationships, so that I can move forward in total freedom. It gave me practical and tangible ways to practice forgiveness. Because of this process, I no longer need to be defined by my past or carry it with me into my future.  I would highly recommend that everyone go through this healing journey - the work is challenging but so worth it!
One on one GRM Client

Kathie was an incredibly positive light throughout our sessions. She created a safe and honest space for me . I always felt comfortable and heard while working through my childhood trauma and the relationship with my mother. Self discovery and growth is so hard especially when you are face with the emotions behind them. Kathie filled those moments with compassion and empathy that helped me through each of those moments. I highly recommend Kathie she has been such blessing.

One on one GRM Client

Giving yourself the space and tools to begin to heal is one of the greatest gifts your can do for yourself, as well as your loved ones.  GRM was such a rewarding and beneficial process for me. I was able to give room to honour my story and past, acknowledging my loss and the grief that I’ve held over the years. Kathie was one who became a safe pair of ears with an empathetic heart. She walked with me throughout the program, empowering me with the right questions to voice my experiences and most importantly find resolve.  I HIGHLY Recommend this program.

Caris - One on One online GRM program client

I am so happy Kathie took me through this journey. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Kathie's encouragement, compassion and love was what got me through. I never felt judged by her. She never rushed me through the process. Her openness about some of her struggles helped me know that I am not alone in dealing with grief. I feel like I have the tools to grieve and let go. I can look back and remember the all the good times with this relationship which is something I could not do until now.  I was able to feel all the sadness (not stuff it down) and let it go. I was able to forgive her and I was able to forgive myself.  Finally I was able to say good bye to the painful past I have gone through with this relationship . I know there is nothing I can do to change her, but I am changing myself. This is not over. I still have grieving to go through but I can see sunshine where there was nothing but black clouds. I am throwing away my mask. I have swept up the eggshells. I am free to love and smile honestly. I am free to make mistakes without fear.  With all my heart, thank you Kathie for walking this journey with me.

one on one online client

I thoroughly enjoyed the course for the grief recovery for children. It helped open my eyes to how I can really be there for my children in the best ways. Before I felt helpless in how to be there for them properly. It was amazing to learn and unlearn habits in dealing with grief. Kathie was incredible in her ability to teach and is an amazing listener. She made me feel safe in sharing with the group and not feel the mom guilt so much. I feel so much better prepared to help my children and be a greater example to them after taking this course. 
Thanks again Kathie!!
J️enn - HCWL group participant
Taking the Grief Recovery for Kids with Kathie was both inspiring and a game changer.  I was completely unaware by the behaviours and unhealthy learning techniques I was using to cope with my emotions and past experience. It has helped me recognize opportunities to better support my children in talking about their emotions surrounding my divorce . I feel much more confident moving forward through my divorce. I am so grateful for Kathie and the grief recovery institute for the gift of their knowledge I have received in this short course. 
Thank you 🙏🏻
Sam - HCWL group participate 

Participating in this small group was amazing. Kathie is an excellent facilitator and I felt safe and heard during the sessions.
I strongly recommend Kathie and the GRM for helping guide and teach in such a supportive and caring way.

Sarah- HCWL group participant