Helping Children with loss - 4 week online group
Helping Children with loss - 4 week online group
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Helping Children with loss - 4 week online group


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Grief is emotional, not logical.

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Stop and think for a moment about what you learned on how to cope with emotionally painful events when you were a child. The chances are that your parents gave you a list of logical sounding reasons why you should not feel sad. Did any of those reasons honestly make you feel any better? Probably not! The problem is that grief is emotional, not logical.

More likely than not, you simply learned to hide those painful feelings deep inside, rather than express them, because no matter what anyone said, you never really felt any better! This is not because your parents or elders were trying to pass on misinformation to you. They were simply passing on to you the same things they were told as children! Up until now, there was really no useful information that parents could learn on how to effectively help their children successfully deal with the pain of a broken heart!

The creation of the Helping Children With Loss Program, by the Grief Recovery Institute, has changed that. Now you can learn tools that will not only help them today, but for the rest of their lives as well. They will also have to proper tools to cope with whatever grief may impact their lives and later to pass on to their children as well. Your participation in this program can make a real difference for generations to come!

This program is not only designed to help parents, but teachers, school counselors and everyone else who has contact with children. These skills can be of enormous value no matter what loss a child has experienced, including, but not limited to the loss a parent, grandparent, sibling, a divorce in the family, or even the loss of a pet.

Kathie has experienced significant loss throughout her life. Since embarking on this journey of healing through the GRM, Kathie has learned that there are over 40 different types of loss and that each loss is unique to each individual. She has also gained a vocabulary to express and voice her feelings. This program was like the missing puzzle piece for her in her journey through grief recovery. Kathie's life significantly changed for the positive after completing the GRM in August of 2020. She got a new life back, the one that had been hidden in all the coping mechanisms she used to function before recovery occurred. She feels at ease in her emotions and the freedom to express them.

Kathie has a big heart and is driven to give back. She instantly felt compelled to share this new found understanding of grief and recovery with others. There is recovery from grief!!!! This led her to complete the training to become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist, take the advanced training and also the group online training for HCWL.