Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Anchored Collective has been in operation since October 2018.  Over the past 16 months it’s been truly amazing to see how God has been working in us and through us with this little company.We are taking a leap of faith in this journey.

We started out wanting to keep busy, recycle some keys into something meaningful and create some awesome shirts with a great message using ethical, environmentally conscious wholesalers to produce our line. We also use an amazing local screen-printing company Black and Whyte in Leduc. We love our community and supporting local companies.

We are still doing all of these things we started out doing because we love it and it matters. But there is so much purpose behind what we do now.  We have always believed in giving back personally so it naturally fell into our business.  

In 2019 we donated over $13,000.00 to both charitable organizations and to families in need.  There is no better feeling than that!  So, this year we want to raise the bar and give more.  We have decided to put 10% of our profits towards our charity of choice, Adeara Recovery Centre for Women and  in addition support fundraisers for them throughout the year.

We will also continue to support Seen Ministry in sponsorship because we so strongly believe in this ministry and the women behind it.  We are so excited about the future!  We really want everything you purchase to support giving back! It’s a purchase with a purpose!!!

On June 20, 2020 I will be jumping out of a plane! Why you ask? Because the Leap of Faith is one of Adearas larger fundraisers.  Last year we were honored to be a part of the Leap of Faith as a vendor and it was such an amazing experience Idecided to JUMP!!! Also, Adeara is who we decided to partner with in our area of giving back so why not jump.

We believe in Adeara and what they represent. Adeara is anamazing recovery program for women and their families.  They give women the tools to take responsibility for their recovery.  They are givers of hope, love and transformation.  These women come in broken, hard hearted, untrusting, defeated, full of shame and feeling hopeless. When they leave, they feel full, equipped, strong and walk with dignity and light.  They are changed into who they are meant to be.  The walls come down,allowing light to come in.  We are so honored to be apart of this and are so grateful you are too.  

"For your heart will always pursue what you value as treasure."  Matthew 6:21 These women and their children and family members have value and deserve guidance love, mercy, compassion, honor and grace.  




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