Comparison ...forget about it!

Comparison ...forget about it!

It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people especially as we scroll through social media and see the lives of people we don’t know except through the magic of social media.  But seriously we all handle things differently.  Not everything is picture perfect.  How you handle a pandemic and how I handle a pandemic is going to be different, just like we are… “Surprise” we are all different!  Some of us need to have a plan, be organized, having the best-looking checklists and being prepared each and every day in order to feel safe and secure. Some us fly by the seat of our pants just doing whatever happens or is needed in the day and feel relaxed and safe in having no plans. Many of us don’t really know what to do, feeling out of sorts because our normal isn’t here anymore leaving us feeling overwhelmed and nervous about our futures. 

Rest and not hurrying are two things that are hard for me. Making a beautiful plan sounds like a great idea but I don’t really need that right now.  To be honest at times I feel very stressed.  I have a feeling of needing to “be productive, make a difference, be significant, be need” I NEED TO BE DOING SOMETHING.  I am used to connecting with people daily and encouraging them through face to face conversation. Connection is my thing, I love people.   

Some days, I feel so isolated from my family and my friends. Feeling lost and alone.  But I am not alone, I have an amazing husband who is so steady and calm and rational in all this.  We are so different. I also have a great big sweet dog who loves us unconditionally and is a great hugger.  I also remember whose I am.  I am a child of God.  One thing I do each day is take time and quietly reflect on Him and His word.  He is constant, He is faithful and He is truth. 

I know for sure God is my strength and He is steadfast in all things.  It is ok for me to feel afraid, lonely or unsure because I can go to Him.  He hears me and He sees me. He wants me to be honest with how I am feeling no matter what. I don’t have to pretend for Him.  He knows me.  I don’t need a filter.  He covers me in His love and His light.  He is my firm footing in all things. 

Psalms 33:18 TPT

“The eyes of the Lord are upon even the weakest worshippers who love Him – those who wait in hope and expectation for the strong, steady love of God.”

Through this pandemic and physical distancing, it has caused a lot of us to rethink things, become more creative in connection. Opened new opportunities in learning.  I had never heard of ZOOM and now its everywhere! Its an amazing way to connect right now.  I learned you can FaceTime or use WhatsApp (for those without an apple product) and you can connect with more than one person at time – you can connect with your whole family.  My husband and I have read to all our grandchildren at once even though we are in 4 different homes. It’s so fun, we may not be able to hug them but they have come up with virtual hug and air kisses.  I am grateful for technology. 

I have even started to cook again and am having fun in the kitchen and my husband is really enjoying it. He asked that this not stop once this pandemic is over…. I can’t promise that but I will try.  Anyway, we all have an opportunity to learn something new or do something differently because of these circumstances.  We are learning to adapt, overcome and improvise. And its ok if right now you are just taking one day at time, not rushing, not doing, just being.  You do you, but remember you are not alone. 

I may not have a solid plan each day but I do have a firm foundation in God and can look at things as opportunities to grow and learn. I control my attitude and what information I take in.

If we go looking at all the negatives, we will in turn be affected by that.  Of course, some days it’s much harder to remain positive and that’s ok. But if you are aware of your thoughts you can affect them.  Being aware gives you an opportunity to alter the negatives coming in.  Becoming aware of each thought coming into your head allows you to filter out the bad ones.  Take in what serves you and let go of what doesn’t.  Acknowledge the thought and feeling and then let go, if it comes back – kick it out. 😊

It’s very important to be informed but I caution you to not to sit and listen to the news or media constantly. There is a lot to take in. Limit yourself to only a few times a day or once if you can.  It’s important to know what is going on and we all want to know when this is over!!!

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed…reflect on how far you have come, this is a good reminder that you are strong enough to get through this because in your weakness He is strong.

Hebrews 4:16 TPT

“So now we come freely and boldly to where love is enthroned, to receive mercy’s kiss and discover the grace we so urgently need to strengthen us in our time of weakness”

You are not alone; you are loved and you matter.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace in this new situation that is so foreign to us.  We are learning, we are growing and we are adapting.  We will get through this together and I believe stronger with much more faith in God. 



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