12 Days of Christmas of Serving with AC

12 Days of Christmas of Serving with AC

‘Tis the season

 Merry Christmas! Joy to the world!

Christmas is a very special time of year here at Anchored. We believe in Jesus and this time of year we celebrate His birth. Rejoicing and celebrating Him and all He has done for us. Daily we celebrate our salvation by trying to live our lives as a reflection of Him and what He lived His life doing, loving and serving others. Christmas is just a bigger celebration of our faith!

We believe Christmas brings out the good in people. We all tend to be more generous about giving back, showing kindness to others, and looking for new ways to make a difference in the world. Isn’t that the reason for the season? We at Anchored believe in serving year round, Christmas is just extra special.

Anchored is going to do a 12 days of Christmas celebration by doing “12 days of serving”. We are excited to include our families and friends to participate with us. Our 12 days start tomorrow, December 13. We can’t wait to share our adventures in serving. We will also be giving one person everyday a special key saying “HOPE” We believe in hope and we want to share it. Words are powerful.

We are inviting our children, grandchildren and friends to serve with us. Many days are things we can do as a family and friends and some are best served as individuals, but in all of this we want to do it in a way that makes sense to even the youngest of dream team. We want each member to do what they can to serve others and enjoy that wonderful feeling you get when you serve and give to others.

Day 1 (Dec 13) Thursday - Do something unexpected for a family member. Suggestion: Do a chore they really don’t like to do and do it cheerfully and don’t make a big deal about it. Be humble.

Day 2 (Dec 14) Friday - Do something for someone you don’t know with your mom, dad or grandparents. Suggestion: Open a door for someone or shovel a neighbor you don’t know well sidewalk.

Day 3 (Dec 15) Saturday - Do something in your community. Suggestions: Donate to Santa’s anonymous, donate to your local food bank, volunteer at a seniors home or shelter.

Day 4 (Dec 16) Sunday - Call a friend or family member who you think might need some encouragement

Day 5 (Dec 17) Monday - Read to a child or a senior

Day 6 (Dec 18) Tuesday - Pray for someone who you think could use some love ,encouragement or some help this holiday season

Day 7 (Dec 19) Wednesday - Thank someone who might go unnoticed. Suggestion: Your crossing guard for helping keep you safe/ your kids safe, thank your teacher/coach/hairdresser, a coffee barista, your coworker, the person who bags your groceries.

Day 8 (Dec 20) Thursday -Do something nice for a neighbor. Suggestion: Shovel their driveway, offer to babysit for a few hours, bring over some cookies. Be creative

Day 9 (Dec 21) Friday - Go singing Christmas carols with your friends and family - spread joy and love and have some fun doing it

Day 10 (Dec 22) Saturday - Pay someone a specific compliment. Suggestion: How their smile makes you smile, for their humor or their positive attitude. Give them a moment to shine

Day 11 (Dec 23) Sunday _ Share your story about what Christmas means to you with someone and then let them tell you what Christmas means to them. Be bold.

Day 12 (Dec 24) Monday - Sit with your family/friends and talk about what you liked about your 12 days of serving and what you would do differently. Who do you think benefited most from this you or the people you served? And why.

Be blessed and we hope that this holiday season is full of love, peace, beautiful memories and a new tradition of serving others with others.

May you be inspired by giving, changed by love, filled with peace and touched by the miracle that is Christmas.

Romans 12:7-8 TPT

 “If your grace-gift is serving, then thrive in serving others well. If you have the grace-gift of teaching, then be actively teaching and training others. If you have the grace-gift of encouragement, then use it often to encourage others. If you have the grace-gift of giving to meet the needs of others, then may you prosper in your generosity without any fanfare. If you have the gift of leadership, be passionate about your leadership. And if you have the gift of showing compassion, then flourish in your cheerful display of compassion.”


 Sarah and Kath

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